VMware is the creator of various virtual computing solutions, namely their VMware workstation, server, and player programs.  Now that the Computer Science Department has switched our labs from being Windows based to being Linux based, you may find yourself wanting to use the software we are using on your own computer.  If you are not comfortable with installing Linux on your own computer, we have a virtual machine that you can download and then use with the free VMware player software.  The result is an easy to use Ubuntu Linux desktop environment that comes with all the software that you will find on our lab machines.  It is a great way to do your computer science homework, or even to just practice with the Linux operating system.
  1.     First, you need to download VMWare from our academic provider: http://clipper.cs.ship.edu/cgi-bin/elms.cgi
  2.     Then, download our virtual machine here: https://clipper.cs.ship.edu/vmware/
If you need more assistance, please visit the Downloading VMware and Downloading VMs pages.

Dr. Briggs did a Tech Talk on the specifics of virtual machines. If you would like to see the videos of the discussion or read the summary, visit Dr. Briggs Tech Talk Week 2.