Setting up an appointment

You can set up an appointment with a faculty member using the calendars associated with our email accounts.

1)  When you are logged into your email account, click on "Calendar" at the top of the page.  That will bring up your calendar.  Click on a time to start to create a new event.  You should see a pop-up like this:

2)  Click on "edit event details" to get the details window to display:

3)  After filling in the details of "What" and "Where,"  use "Add guests" to add the people that you want to be included in the meeting.

4) Now that you have added the people to the meeting, you can see their availability to pick a time when everyone is free.  Click "Check guest and resource availability" on the left side of the screen to see everyone's availability:

5) Pick a time that works for everyone.

6) Click the "Save" button to complete creation of the event.  It will ask if you want to send an invitation and you should select "Yes."  The other people you have invited will get email invitations and will be able to accept or decline them.  If they decline, you'll get a response that they couldn't come and you can re-schedule.