Week 1

Topic: AFS, VPN, and the rt helpdesk

Our file space is located at /afs/cs.ship.edu

Directories of interest:
/afs/cs.ship.edu/research - currently a place for "interesting" educational things to go
/afs/cs.ship.edu/share - software available for download by computer science students (virtual machines, oracle, etc)
    --In the virtual machine folder, you can download StudentUbuntuVM, which allows you to use a lab machine at home
/afs/cs.ship.edu/apps - a directory of software installed to afs that you can use anywhere. Navigating to /afs/cs.ship.edu/apps/bin will bring up a directory of software for your OS

AFS commands:
kinit - get your afs ticket
aklog - log into your kerberos ticket/renew kerberos tickets
tokens - show userid
vos create - make a new volume
fs mkmount - create a mount point for a volume
fs la - list access rights
vos remove - delete a volume
klist - show the status of kerberos tickets

*Note: if you would like a volume created on afs for a computer science project, contact helpdesk@.cs.ship.edu

In order to mount AFS, you will need the krb5.conf file (provided here) and some information from the CellServeDB file (See 5:10 in part three of the videos for more information).

VPN: Virtual Private Network
With VPN, you can access our network from anywhere. Benefits include being able to remote desktop into lab computers and access to the ACM Digital Library
Access the VPN files at https://vpn.cs.ship.edu
    *note: ignore the security warning
    --For Windows, download the installer. For any other OS, use the client file

RT Helpdesk:
The helpdesk can be contacted at helpdesk@cs.ship.edu.
Things to contact rt about:
    -anything that needs improving
    -anything that's not working
    -account/login problems
    -assistance in using department resources

Jessica Burns,
Sep 10, 2010, 2:42 PM