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What's New in Venturing?
updated August 2, 2015
From the The Venturing Experience (Venturing Spark Session of the BSA Annual Meeting, Friday May 23, 2014 in Nashville, TN) and updated after Venturing the New Vision conference (June 8-14, 2014 at Philmont Training Center) and
the Central Region Venturing Planning Conference, Naperville, IL, June 21-23.
Latest information is being released piece by piece at

Also on this page: Resources and Frequently Asked Questions.

Venturing 2015 Changes

The New Venturing Vision by award
Venturing Award Discovery Award
Pathfinder Award
  • Project Management Training
    *new 8/1/2015*
  • This training syllabus may be requested by emailing as it is not able to be placed online currently in agreement with the copyright owner.

Summit Award Hear about ALPS from one of the Visionaries and Authors of the ALPS model, Dr. Kenneth King.

What's out Now!
Venturing Award Certificates
#620009 Venturing (To be signed locally)
#620008 Discovery (To be signed locally)
#620007 Pathfinder (To be signed locally)
#620006 Summit (Signed by Chief SE, BSA President, Honorary Pres, and National Commissioner)

Part 1: Venturing Essentials
Part 2: What Venturers do: areas of program emphasis (adventure, leadership, service, and personal development)

Part 3: Planning and leading adventure and your crew

Part 1: Venturing Essentials, including Venturing pedagogy (i.e., experiential education and youth development)
Part 2: Advising youth (i.e., how the program operates through Venturing's methods and areas of program emphasis; how to advise and support the youth who design and lead the program)

Part 3: Program Resources and Administration

Focus on support for TRUST, Quest, Ranger awards (requirements and resource materials) as well as a compendium of additional programs of interest to Venturers...
(Although Scoutstuff, they are not ranks! )

Ok these aren't new, but lets award and recognize our top council youth Venturing volunteers!

Adult Training Syllabii are available online for free.
Click on this's free
Venturing Advisor Position-Specific - While the title only changes a little and the training code (P21) remains the same, the content has changed to match the upcoming program updates and the new Venturing leader manual. (from Training Times, Spring 2014)
Crew Committee Challenge- Since the inception of Venturing, crew committee members have been required to take the same course as advisors to be considered trained.  The new Crew Committee Challenge is designed especially for crew committees and becomes the course (along with the Venturing version of Youth Protection Training of course) committee members need to be considered “trained.”  Crew Committee Challenge will be added to MyScouting Tools and will use code WS12 in ScoutNET. (from Training Times, Spring 2014)
Youth Training Syllabi online for free
(see all that is available at

New ALPS Program Model and Requirements 

(Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, Service)
Program Planning by Crews 
  • Greatly enhanced by the ALPS model
  • Using requirements on can plan a program over a year making sure they offer Adventure at all three tiers, Leadership and mentoring opportunities, Personal Growth opportunities and Service opportunities.
New National Key 3 
    Jack Furst - National Venturing Chairman
    Maddie Culwell - National Venturing President
    Wendy Kurten - National Staff Advisor

New Program Features for Troops, Teams and Crews (availability this summer) 
  • 3 volumes
  • 48 programs
  • each leading to a major activity
  • will replace troop program features now online.
New Youth Training in Process (announced by Mark Griffin, NAM, May 23, 2014.  Availability "end of June") 
  • Personal Reflections
  • Goal Setting & Time Management - Released
  • Project Management
  • Mentoring - current version being revised

Here are the documents from the 2013 New Program Announcement at

We will try to get the answer so email us at 

These are some direct links to our other plentiful resources.

C4VOA files for direct sharing - this is an Area4 Google Drive shared from the site and is used as a depository of items in heavy request, including our past presentations. If we came to your council to do a presentation, chances are that presentation is here.

Handouts and presentations from

Our Central Region Area 4 operating procedures are now approved and linked on our Area 4 page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a FAQ on the national site that helps me interpret and implement the new Venturing program?
A. Why yes there is. It is on this page where you can stay up to date with the national site at program updates.

Q. What patch can I wear in my Council VOA?  How about Area VOA? Higher?
A2. A history of venturing patches is at Craig Murrary's site

Q. Our council is starting (or growing) a VOA, how can we get help?
A.  Contact us at and in the meantime follow the Venturing Standard Operating Procedures and the Central Region VOA page.  See the resources from the October 2013 Area 4 Training Conference for more help (choose the tab).

Q. Does Area 4 or the Central Region have Operating Procedures that councils can emulate to do their own? 
A. Yes, on both counts.  The links to the Operating Procedures for both are ... (Area 4 Ops are here and the Central Region has not yet posted theirs.)
Q. I heard Venturing is ending at 18, is this correct?
A. No absolutely Venturing is not ending at 18.Venturing will continue to be for youth from 13 and finished the 8th grade to age 21. What will happen when the chief scout executive orders it is all members of the BSA whether youth members of Venturing or the OA who reach their 18th birthday will have to have a criminal back ground check (same as an adults) and will have to take adult YPT.  Currently the only way for this to happen is the processing of an adult application, but we know nothing other than it will be implemented likely in 2015 and by then they may have a completely different way to initiate the criminal background check for “youth” members. Venturing will stay the same program it is serving young adults both under 18 and those 18 to 21.

Q. When will the new 2013 CVSE form be out?

Q. How do I nominate someone at the Council level or higher to receive an Venturing Leadership Award?   
A. Fill out the form linked at Remember if you do not nominate your favorite venturer, perhaps no one else will either.  So send in the form even if you believe they will have "plenty of nominations."

Q. How can I get an Area 4 youth officer or adult advisor to come to my event?
A. Just ask.  Send an email to  The Area President or VP would love to attend your Venturing event! They just need an invitation to discuss many of the details! This is a great way to get a chance to not only meet them, but to ask them questions. These youth officers live and breathe the Venturing program. They love the participating in the program, just as much as you do! They know the program inside and out!  One thing is for sure, they will not attend if you do not invite them!

Q. Can I be an Area 4 or higher officer?  
A.  Yes, but you have to apply to national.  Complete the form at

Q. How can I find out what events are in the nation for Venturers to attend.
A. Check out the answer on the What's Happening in venturing page here. The single best source is our Central Region Calendar listing.

Q. What are Tier I, II and III adventures?

More resources - National Cabinet Website - Central Region Venturing Website - Area 4 Venturing Website