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Media Relations

The media is a driving force behind building a brand. Media relations is a strategic tool that utilizes research and relationships to tell your story to the public in a way that is credible and efficient

Media Training

It’s important to have the right answers and anticipate the tough questions. Media training gets your team “camera ready” for any situation. Whether responding in a crisis situation or making a routine company announcement, key spokespeople will know how to stay calm and on message throughout the interview.

Event Planning

Whether it’s a press conference to announce funding for a new hospital wing, or a black tie gala to raise money for a local charity, event planning is essential.

Strategic Planning

You didn’t start your business on a whim, you shouldn’t communicate your messages in that way either. Strategic planning is the first and most crucial step in evaluating the most clear and efficient communication plan for your needs.

Graphic / Web Design

Logos tell a story, newsletters inform, Web sites educate ... all of these are essential elements for a successful and credible brand. First impressions matter... what’s yours?