Who We Are

Our company was founded in October of 2014 by Jessica Penley and Morgan Groves. We incorporate ballet, hip hop, jazz, and contemporary dance into our performances. We enjoy expressing ourselves while telling meaningful stories though our dance performances. 

It all started when Jessica and Morgan were looking for an avenue to fulfill their love of dance. As they searched local studios, they found it difficult to find an adult group of dancers that both practiced and performed. They tried adult ballet classes, but most were for beginners or more for exercise. Cost was another concern. Where could intermediate/advanced adult dancers find an affordable place to dance and perform, without the pressure of becoming professional? At breakfast one morning, Jessica and Morgan were asking themselves that exact question. Partly as a joke, they laughed to themselves saying, "We should just start our own dance company!" More seriously, the laughs stopped and they looked at each other, both realizing this could be a legitimate possibility. From there, The Joy Paige Dance Company was born! The best part was, Jessica and Morgan were not the only ones searching for this type of dance company; as they shared their idea with friends and fellow dancers, faces began to light up with excitement for this opportunity. As the group formed, the mission became clear: to dance and perform with local adult dancers in a fun and professional atmosphere that leverages meaningful and inspiring stories through our performances.