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Teaching and Learning

Our office provides school administrators and teachers with the training and resources needed to engage your children in rich and rewarding experiences.  Our office is comprised of academic and support departments, which work together to support your child's growth and progress in meeting or exceeding state standards.  

For information regarding the following programs:  English Language Learners (ELL),  Learning Assistance Program (LAP), and Title I call, (360) 501-2940.

Dr. Doris Ellison, Director of Teaching & Learning

Bryan Keatley, Title I Coordinator

Special Education Information
Julie Johnson, Director of Special Education
(360) 501-3130

School Psychologist
Lacy Groh
(360) 501-3130

504 Information
Bryan Keatley, District 504 Coordinator
(360) 501- 2933

Highly Capable Learners 
Information can be found on the Highly Capable webpage within this department.

Carl Stello, Hi Cap Coordinator

Dr. Doris Ellison
Director of Teaching and Learning

Bryan Keatley
Title 1 Coordinator