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Professional Learning

The Launch Newsletter

We provide a monthly newsletter devoted to professional learning called THE LAUNCH.  This takes no more than 5 minutes to read and is filled with helpful information, as well as local professional learning options.

Weekly Professional Learning

Castle Rock School District provides weekly professional learning for staff during an early release.  Meetings will take the form of professional learning; professional learning community discussions; data analysis; intervention planning, etc.

Focus - Learning Targets

Instructional objectives, which are about instruction, derived from content standards, written in teacher language, and used to guide teaching during a lesson or across a series of lessons, learning targets frame a lesson from the student point of view.  A learning target helps students grasp the lesson's purpose--why it is crucial to learn this chunk of information, on this day, and in this way. Learning targets written in a student friendly way, often are posted beginning with the works "I CAN...

Learning targets...
  *Are clear.
  *Are crafted in student friendly language.
  *Contain rigor.
  *Contain success criteria.

Here are some resources to help!

Make your own rubrics, or use pre-made ones!  Easy and built in success criteria...

Knowing Your Learning Target (article read in March, 2017)

Leveling the Field (article read in April, 2017)