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Creative Representation - Conflict


·         Create a three dimensional piece relating to the theme of conflict.

·         Write an “Artist’s Statement”.


·         Create something that is out of the ordinary.

·         Collages will not be accepted for this assignment.

·         You may use, but are not limited to the following:

¾    Paper

¾    Cardboard

¾    Paper Mache

¾    Clay

¾    Object Sculpture

o   Junk

o   Popsicle sticks

o   Car parts

o   Etc…


The general theme of your piece is to be human conflict. You may use but are not limited to the following:

·         Peoples differences

·         What drives hatred

Artist’s Statement

Address the following in a narrative style, one paragraph for each.

1.       Describe the major idea or concept that lies at the heart of your piece.

Ø  Be able to tie it into the theme of conflict

2.       Describe the most important thing you learned from this project.

Ø  Related  to the theme

3.       If you were to do the piece again, what would you change or do differently?

Ø  Changes that would better express your message and/or ideas


Grading - 200 Points

50%     Craftsmanship – Piece shows care, neatness and skillful use of the materials for construction.

20%     Creativity – Piece exhibits uniqueness and symbolism.

30%     Artist’s Statement – Writing is organized, well developed and includes the three elements.