Welcome to 6A Quick notes Updated May 23 /18

  Use this page to give direction to activities to work on for homework time after school.

Math -  Unit 4 test this Friday.  Complete Statistics project.

Science -    Working on the Air and Aerodynamics unit.  Review for test on Thursday, May 24.

LA -  Use exambank to practice reading comprehension tests.  Figurative Language assignment due.

Social Studies -   Studying Provincial Government. Work on Bill to Law cartoon. Complete Definitions.

            Use your homework agenda to plan your work for after school.  Use exambank.com to review and quiz yourself on concepts covered in class.

Try to keep Homework time to 30 minutes each evening.

PAT exam schedule:

June 14 Reading Comprehension
June 19 Math part A and B
June 20 Science
June 25 Social Studies