Welcome to 6A Quick notes Updated Oct.16/17

  Use this page to give direction to activities to work on for homework time after school.

Math -  Work on questions to lesson 7, Unit 1.  Don't forget to use your review booklet when you complete a lesson for review of concepts learned.  

Science -    Complete worksheet on the nutrient cycle.  

LA -    Complete short story writing from a picture.  Do approximately two reading journals entries per week.  Short story test Wednesday, this week. 

Social Studies -   What rules do we have at school?  What rules do you have at home?

Other:  Thank you to all the 6A parent volunteers that made our field trip to Mt. Yamnuska a success.

Complete 24 reading journal entries before Winter Break
            Use your homework agenda to plan your work for after school.

Try to keep Homework time to 20 minutes each evening.