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posted Jun 14, 2017, 3:05 PM by Bronwyn Richards

Students now have review packages for all of the following math units: integers, probability and data analysis, operations, patterns and relationships. I have asked them to be bringing these home to complete any practice questions that they haven't finished yet.

Monday June 12th

posted Jun 12, 2017, 10:13 AM by Bronwyn Richards

Today's review mission:

1. Go over the math review booklets we have done so far: integers, transformations, data and probability, patterns. If these are easy for you, then do some calculations.

2. Science test: "Flight and Aerodynamics", is tomorrow. Go over your notes, make sure you understand the vocabulary. If you didn't already do this, go over the exambank questions for both the flight and the aerodynamics unit.

June 5th, Monday

posted Jun 5, 2017, 1:15 PM by Bronwyn Richards

Lots of 'finishing up' today:

  1.  Reading: we have been working on thoughtful journal entries about novels we are reading. By now, students should have at least 7 journal entries (which are about a page of double-spaced writing). These are due on Wednesday. 
  2. Science: Write-up of our flight investigation is due on Wednesday. Depending on how well the class time has been manages, students could have quite a bit of this to do at home.
  3. Students should be reviewing the vocabulary for the aerodynamics/flight units.
  4. Tomorrow is our last day of swimming. We plan to eat lunch right after at Elevation Place. Please pack a picnic style lunch (no microwave available).

Thursday, June 1st

posted Jun 1, 2017, 9:19 AM by Bronwyn Richards

Tomorrow is our final unit test: unit 8, transformations.
Continue working  on the chapter review on page 322 to prepare.

Wednesday May 17th

posted May 17, 2017, 12:28 PM by Bronwyn Richards   [ updated May 17, 2017, 12:29 PM ]

1. Please return permission slips as soon as possible.

2. Please complete your parachute investigation for tomorrow. Your write-up should include:
  •  your testable question 
  • your hypothesis
  • the manipulated variable
  • the controlled variables
  • the responding variable
  • a table where you recorded the results of your test
  • a conclusion: tell what you found out, if your hypothesis was correct, and try to explain your results using everything you know about aerodynamics.
3. Math calculation sheet due Monday (no calculators).

Monday May 15th

posted May 15, 2017, 3:06 PM by Bronwyn Richards

1. Data analysis and probability test tomorrow. 
2. Math calculations sheet due next Monday.
3.Remember we are swimming tomorrow at 11am.
4. Please bring back permission slips for the field trip.

May 8th

posted May 8, 2017, 7:10 AM by Bronwyn Richards

Wednesday 26 April.

posted Apr 26, 2017, 12:25 PM by Bronwyn Richards

Monday April 17th

posted Apr 17, 2017, 1:02 PM by Bronwyn Richards

1. Please complete the math for tomorrow. Pg 185 Q 1- 4
2. "Origins of idioms" work is due on Wednesday.

Welcome back!

Monday, March 27th

posted Mar 27, 2017, 2:28 PM by Bronwyn Richards

1. Quick math quiz tomorrow: converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers.

2. Sky Science test on Wednesday. Use the study notes, your binder and exambank to review.

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