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in regards to student learning and upcoming events

Don't forget to study for your HOOT SPELLING on Mondays!

Habits of Mind

This year, all students will be learning more about Art Costa’s Habits of Mind. For more information visit www.habitsofmind.org.  I believe this to be a very valuable program to help develop the necessary life skills your child will need to be successful for their entire life. Our first project of the year is focussed on the Habits of Mind.   


I allow students to have small, healthy, quiet snacks during class time.  Please refrain from sending sugary morning snacks with your child (sugary snacks greatly reduces student attention).  Eating healthy snacks in the morning greatly increases student engagement and focus which will help your child’s learning. Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Footwear and Clothing

There is no such thing as poor weather but only poor choices of clothing.  I like to teach and go outside as much as possible so please ensure your child always has a proper jacket (rain jacket for those wet days and a warm winter jacket for the cold days) for whatever the day may bring. In winter, your child should have mitts, a warm hat and warm waterproof boots. Making sure your child is prepared for all types of weather will allow us to get outside as much as possible throughout the school year.  Students are also encouraged to have appropriate, supportive footwear during gym and Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

Physical Education gym strip - Your child must have a gym shirt, shorts and supportive non marking gym shoes to participate in PE class.

Parent-Teacher Communication

If you wish to communicate and tell me something about your child (not feeling well, doc apt. at lunch, picking your child up at the end of the day), I check agendas each morning. Students will write all homework and reminders in their agenda at the end of each day, so please ensure that you chat with your child about their school day and initial their agenda each night. At any time, please feel free contact me via email at: jon.krohe@crps.ca.  I like to communicate over the phone if it is something that needs to be problem solved or something that has an emotional connection to it.

As a team, we believe that learning is a lifelong process, that it is challenging and that it is fun! With that, I look forward to learning together this year!


It is essential that your child read for a minimum of 20 minutes each evening. For some children, this is an easy task. For others, it is more challenging. Try to encourage reluctant readers by modeling reading, spending time together reading and sharing stories and by asking open ended questions about what your child is reading. The link below is an interesting read about the importance of reading and brain connectivity.


Students will record all other homework in their agenda each day. Students in grade 4 should have no more than 30 minutes of homework a night. Children at this age need time after school for unstructured free play and to be active.



I am thrilled to be teaching grade 4 for my third year at LGMS.  I am a very caring teacher who is both firm and fair. I want each student to know that they are loved and valued.  I strive to make sure students feel that our classroom is a safe place, free of bullying and a place that they are not afraid to take responsible risks. My core classroom values for students are kindness, respect, manners and responsibility. I want your child to become their best self in the 10 months we have together and be engaged in their learning.  


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