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What do  startups like superpedestrian, August, LockitronCoinTile  and Plastc all have in common?  Well,  many things. But most importantly each raised more than $1M in their self crowdfunded campaigns, .  Citizen star raise 82 million+ after their Kickstarter camping using their own website. President Obama raised 75 million in his 1st term through Crowd Funding .
All of these startups  and people managed their own self-crowdfunding.

  1. CrowdFunding is a pre-order transaction. Why then to wait until you launch your campaign?  Why not to strategies and start asking for funds from friends, families, friend of friends, co workers, potential future investors and team members now?
  2. CrowdFunding is an "ask" event. You have to present and ask. Why not to start asking from the start (development time) . You not only get few months head start but also you can debug the process and come up with new ideas, methods and approach.
  3. Building A Community Around Your Story. You know features and befits of your product or service would tell but Story would sell. You got to start "sharing" and "asking".
  4. This website is designed as Mobile first responsive website / portal using Google's fabric. We use only Google's web fabric. Google sites are easy to edit. You are searched more in Google. Google likes Google. Mobile Exceeds PC Internet Usage. If you found us first, then you know why we believe in our strategy and prof of concept. You want your clients and customer to find you first too.  Google is the fabric of success and we would like to leverage you with it.
We build the portal for you.

In less than week , we will develop and launch your portals (Custom  desktop and mobile). You be able to use the portal and start searching , asking and developing your crowd and network.  
You know  mobile phone usage has surpassed PC. and almost all your present and future followers, backers, investors, customers and potential partners carry a mobile phone.  
Question is  your idea and business moving ahead or standing in place?

We share our knowledge  

Learning from the success and best practices: We have researched and compile a list of successful self CrowdFunding projects and their histories, techniques and tactics. We share with you the best practices. For example;
  1. After president Obama’s repeated success, many still doubt the power of a self crowdfunding campaign strategy. The success of crowdfunding goes beyond the ability to raise large amounts of money in a short amount of time. The real power lays in the way it combines fundraising and campaigning into a single activity. president Obama’s as of 6/2015 ( middle of the second term) is still CrowdFundingIt is important to know , he  raised $750 million for his 1st  presidential campaign, a record amount that exceeds what all of the candidates combined collected in private donations in the previous race for the White House, according to a report filed  with the Federal Election Commission in 2008. ( first term) The story a campaign tells is the hook that compels people to donate. Posters, billboards, and campaign literature are limited in their ability to communicate that story. But crowdfunding allows campaigns to combine all of those mediums into one platform and update their supporters regularly. This feature turns a campaign into a constantly evolving story that people can take part in.
  2. In reward crowdfunding history , Star Citizen is the most successful well-funded video game . Since its crowdfunding campaign launched in October 2012, Chris Roberts (Wing Commander creator) and developer Cloud Imperium have raised a staggering $43 million for a game that is, barely playable.

    There are no indication that it's going to end anytime soon for the game that will blend combat space and fight in a virtual galaxies far away.
    What are the secrets to his success? 
    1. Self pre-order CrowdFunding
    2. Most crowdfunding campaigns engage some people, convince them to become backers, and then the campaign stops. they didn't stop."
  3. BodyTech second product is called Lumolift . Their first product, LumoBack, raised $200k in funding during a 40 day Kickstarter debut. About a  year and a half later, leveraging their followers  and experience from LumoBack, the company managed a self CrowdFunding. This time not paying for the commission,  crowd brought in $1.2M in backing— almost six times that of their first campaign.

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