Test your startup idea without wasting time or money.

Growth and comfort never co‑exist. I want you to close your eyes ... and ask yourself, when have you learned the most? I guarantee it's when you felt at risk.
As you risk and spend time and money to develop your idea, you got to consider life's too short to build something nobody wants.
Collectively we develop a  desktop website with its responsive mobile website that you can easily edit, update and change. The advantage of these portals are; 
  • Fast
    • Compared to writing a business plan, lean canvas or javelin board which can take several days, weeks or months, you can outline multiple possible business models on your portal in less than one week.
  • Portable
    • A mobile or desk top URL and QR code is much easier to share with others which means it will be read and reviewed by more people and also more frequently updated.
    • We help you to promote your portal  on the web and social media to reach thousands or million people.
  • Concise
    • Your portal content ( text, picture and video)  forces you to distill the essence of your product or service. You have less than 10 seconds to grab the attention of an investor over a metaphorical elevator ride, and 8 seconds to grab the attention of a customer on your landing page.
  • Effective
    • Whether you’re pitching investors or giving an update to your team or board, your portal presentation pages and navigation bar  allow you to effectively document and communicate your progress. 
  • Vet, validate and improve
    • Your portal will  help you not to be Wantrepreneur! We assist you to build a landing page with a powerful call to action and a mafia offer ( hard to not to respond to).
    • We ask for crowd input and crowd idea about your project.
  • Anytime & anywhere
    • Your portal and its information is hosted in Google's data center and presented through Google fabric website which is up and running 365x24x7 globally. Then it is available anytime and any place  you have internet access. 
  • Easy to change
    • The best plan is the one that can be change and improve. As you know It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

You Receive:

  • E-book - Find Your 1st 100 Investors 
  • E-book or the book - Power Branding Success  and;
  • Your Google fabric  mobile & desk top Concept validation websites.