Soft Launch it : How to Package, Promote your Idea and Find Investors for Your Startup or Projects?

 Raise the fund you need by proving to investors that you've done your homework and are willing to be part of your dream  sacrifice.

1. Lets face it, Investors would not come to you to invest on your start-up or projects. They are too busy and the  system they use to evaluating you  is arbitrary & inefficient.

Naturally, the methodology (Business plan,  Pitch deck, Lean model...etc. ) investors employ to find and qualify a potentially viable project  or startup places almost all the responsibility on you (the entrepreneur). 

You must take the initiative to package it and promote it to all potentially interested parties locally or globally at anytime and anyplace.  

To be part of the solution, we have solved the five (5) biggest problems to help you with;
  1. Finding your investors and presenting them with best relevant information 
  2. How to and what information gets presented
  3. Deploying "art of persuasion" and call to action immediately
  4. A presentation (ask method) and tools which is accessible 24x7x365 via internet devices (Mobile phone, tablet or PCs) anytime and anyplace.
  5. Lowest cost leveraging with Google business solutions and apps 
You  know everyone who receives this information must process it from a cold start. These are  done based on combination our;
  • E-book - Find Your 1st 100 Investors 
  • E-book or the book - Power Branding Success  and;
  • Your Google fabric  mobile & desk top Soft launch websites.  

1- The first step is for you to understand  the difference between having a need for capital and being ready to ask for it. 

When you are not ready, do not done the homework and do not have the right tools , you might "ask"  based on based on your motivation and need. When you are driven by a strong sense of need or urgency, the message you send to investors will be one  of the following:
  • You need to bailout of your bad management or  limited capital? 
  • You are unwilling to invest more of your money, so you need theirs
  • You haven't been able to raise money from anyone else, so you need them to save me.
2- On the other hand, when you "done their homework", no your vertical, defined who, when and what  and truly understands what it takes to run a star-up or build an Crowd Funding project , the "ask" (message)  you communicate will be one  of the following:
  • You are ready for a friend, family, a team member or  partner to help me take this to the next level.
  • You have  full understanding and  control on my product, my market and my customers, and ready to accept an investment that'll help us to be a success and grow to the next level.
  • You have researched the various sources of capital available to you  and ready to work with them  because you're the best match.
  • You know how to market and reach the crowd customers since you are using the best methods (Online fund raising CrowdFunding & CrowdSourcing) to reach them at lowest cost.
3- Many Start-ups and Entrepreneurs often struggle over whether to fork over their own funds vs. hire and pay  someone who won't deliver, leading to a freeze on progress and a slow painful death of their vision.

Fact is you are the driver and need to build the brand , the team and your network. Your network more often is hundred times more instrumental to your success than just the funds.
Our recommendation is  to start raising Crowd ( potential investors, resources and network )  interest and fund at the same time you are building the business , idea or Crowd Funding. Then you need to start sharing your idea efficiently  locally and globally.
4- You need to consider, Investors always are looking for to see  are you demonstrating your willingness to "put your money where their mouth is" and who clearly "have skin in the game." If you are not willing to invest why should they?

5- In your presentation ( i.e coffee shop, home or their office), you need to provide them access to enough information about you and your project 

6- Be aware and  wary of "guarantees." Take your time and look for resources that'll take at least part of their reward based on the success of their service. That way, they know they must perform to get paid "the big bucks." ( I.e.,  

Running your star-up, CrowdFunding project or  business is like running your household.  You know it's going to cost money and your resources aren't unlimited. So, be careful  on how you invest your limited capital and time, but realize that an investment is required. Have a plan, be flexible, be tough and be open to new ideas. The best plan is the one you can change and improve it.