October 2017 Newsletter

Post date: Oct 25, 2017 4:06:48 PM

Music on a Mission

Recent ACA Gigs

Our band, The Affordable Cover Act, played our first wedding. The picture has the happy couple sitting up front in the band photo opportunity. They heard about us because we had played a fundraiser for a criminal justice mental health program at the home of Larry Albright (our vocalist/ keyboard player) about 8 months ago. Thankfully, they did not call the police and decided they wanted us to play at their wedding reception. We did and it was so much fun. They also paid us. We bought some gear, and the band members donated a portion to Crossover Sound Waves, as has been our practice. .

I deposited the donation and it brought our balance to $301.We got a request for help from a Case Manager who was trying to help one of her clients who was doing well in a drug treatment program. This person wanted to remain in treatment, but was short $300. One of our board members dropped off the check to help this person last week...and we still have $1 left. We are playing on Saturday 11/4/17 at the Lincoln Glen Church Coffee House. We'll start around 6 PM. Stop by if you're available and in the area. Check out our Facebook page for more details as the event approaches.

Tunes and Words

We had the privilege of taking a picture with Potter the Otter at a gig we played for a Gardner Health Service Health Fair (our vocalist, Kristen Albright works there). Potter is the First 5 mascot in Santa Clara County. We take advantage of every opportunity to get in a photo with Potter, even it means I get my eyeballs severely jabbed by those whiskers... a small price to pay.

I'm working on a next tune that is based on Psalm 130 from the Hebrew scriptures. I hope to have it out in about a month. 'FortySix' is on Google Play with the rest of my tunes. 'Fight to Win', 'You Were There' and 'Lost in the Shuffle' are also on Google Play Music. Click the link if you just want to listen tothese tunes. A portion of the revenue from these tunes go to help people overcome housing related crises. Click here to purchase any of these tunes. I hope to have some tunes from other artists available soon as well. Four of us from our Song Progression Support Group are working on a tune. Several talented friends are working on releasing songs as well.

My friend, Kathleen Schwab, has completed an illustrated book that comes out of her spiritual life. It's called 'Messages from God'. The book is completed and ready for distribution. I've had the privilege of reading portions as she was developing it, and found what I read to be very encouraging. It's available at https://www.messagesfromgoddevotional.com/.

-James Jurado

Our Mission

If you want to directly support our mission to help families overcome housing related crises, you can go to the Crossover Sound Waves donation page by clicking here. Remember, you can also make a purchase on Amazon Smile and part of the proceeds from your purchase will go to Crossover Sound Waves.

Making Music on a Mission

Our goal is to co-labor with songwriters and musicians who are willing to use their music to make a difference to help families and children at critical housing crossroads. Our Song Progression Support Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at Vintage Faith Church. We meet at 6:30 PM.