What We Believe

As a Christian church grounded in the Lutheran tradition, Cross of Glory holds to the basics of that faith. 

  • Christ alone – through no power, merit or contribution on our part – has repaired the broken relationship we all have with God because of sin. 

  • Our faith in Christ – itself a gift from God – is what allows us to know of God’s forgiveness for our sins and the promise of eternal life because of Christ’s work.

  • God’s Word – the Bible…jotted down by inspired disciples and inerrant in the message God offers through it – is THE source by which we learn of God’s promises for us, the story of His redemptive work in the world, and – through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit – inspires us to live lives of discipleship to Christ. 

Beyond those basics, Cross of Glory is a more traditional congregation – in our understanding of God’s work in the world and through the Bible, as well as in our format for weekly worship.  We have paired that reverence with a more casual, come-as-you-are approach to what we are called to do.

As well, we believe it is our signature contribution to the greater Christian Church to act out our faith through social service ministries we offer those in our neighborhood.