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Year 6 Prefects

These Year 6 Prefects have been specifically chosen for demonstrating the following outstanding qualities: 

    - An excellent attitude towards their work

    - Exemplary behaviour around the school

    - Consideration towards the whole school community

    - Striving to push themselves forwards in all they do

Our Prefects:


Ben’s favourite subject at school is maths as he loves working out tricky equations. He also likes science because he gets to do experiments and has the opportunity to find out more about the world we live in.

When he is not at school, Ben is a keen swimmer and particularly enjoys floating around on the water! He also enjoys making improvements to things such as pictures.

Since being selected to be a Prefect, Ben is especially looking forward to helping out others and will wear his Prefect badge with pride.



Emily really loves history lessons as it helps her to imagine what the world used to be like. Being from a sporty family, she also really enjoys PE and has represented the school in swimming and cross country.

Outside of school, she goes to a drama club, which allows her to develop her acting, singing and dancing skills. Emily also loves baking – chocolate brownies are her signature dish!

Since becoming a Prefect, Emily’s looking forward to showing parents around because she wants to share how proud she is of our school.


In the classroom, Callum likes to challenge himself in maths. So far in Year 6, he has enjoyed learning in science and RE about how living things survive within their environment and how the world was made.

At home, his hobbies include building models out of Lego and he also likes playing on the computer.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Callum is excited to have the opportunity to make important decisions in helping to make the school even better.


While at school, Eve’s most enjoyable subject is science. She enjoys these lessons because she gets to work as a group and she likes being able to work with other people.

In her spare time, Eve likes to do drawing as there are no limits to what she can draw. Additionally, Eve likes spending time and having fun with her family as she loves them all.

As a Prefect, Eve is most looking forward to being a role model to the rest of the school and helping to make the school and even happier place!