Year 6 Prefects

These Year 6 Prefects have been specifically chosen for demonstrating the following outstanding qualities:

- An excellent attitude towards their work

- Exemplary behaviour around the school

- Consideration towards the whole school community

- Striving to push themselves forwards in all they do

Our Prefects:


Erin’s favourite subject at school is maths as she loves problem solving. She also enjoys PE because she is able to try out different sports, such as badminton, benchball and cricket.

When she is not at school, Erin likes to spend her spare time reading and watching movies. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and a self-confessed Disney Geek!

Since being selected to be a Prefect, Erin is especially looking forward to helping out others and being a role model to the rest of the school.


In the classroom, Henry loves science lessons as he particularly enjoys carrying out investigations to see if his predictions are correct. Henry also likes pushing himself in maths lessons and answering challenging questions.

At home, Henry likes drawing in his spare time as he finds it satisfying and also calming. Additionally, he also enjoys playing tennis, especially against his brother.

In taking on the responsibility of being a Prefect, Henry is looking forward to making the school even better.


Selena really loves art lessons as it allows her to explore her creativity. She also enjoys music as she gets to try out new instruments.

Outside of school, she enjoys reading because it transports her into a different world, wherever the story is based. Her other hobby is playing the piano as it gives her a sense of achievement, builds her confidence and also helps to strengthen her memory.

Since becoming a Prefect, Selena is looking forward to being a role model to the younger years and taking on additional responsibilities around the school.