Year 3 and 4 Homework

In Year 3 and 4, most weeks children will usually receive homework on a Thursday and will usually consist of:

- Spellings

- Times tables

- An activity linked to classroom learning

We endeavour to create homework activities that are enjoyable but that also support the children's learning. However, we are not expecting the children (or you) to dedicate the whole weekend to homework! If there are any problems, please come and see us!

Homework is due in on Tuesdays (unless otherwise stated)

Homework for the term can be seen below. The most recent homework will be at the top.

Current homework for Year 3 and 4 can be downloaded below:

T2 Wk 3 Homework.pdf
T2 Wk3 spellings.pdf
T2 Wk 2 Homework.pdf
T2 wk 2 Homework example sheet.pdf
T2 Wk2 spellings.pdf
T2 Wk 1 Homework.pdf
T2 Wk1 Spellings.pdf