In Key Stage 1, we offer fun learning opportunities for year one and year two children. We have a year 1 class, a year 1 and 2 mixed class, and a year 2 class.  

We very much enjoy planning exciting and motivating lessons to ensure all children meet their potential.

We plan three different trips during the course of our year to support and inspire our children's learning. We provide them with fantastic opportunities to learn and to have fun.

Topics we cover include:

  • Reuse, Reduce and Recycle (looking at how we are responsible for our world)
  • Winter Wonderland (weather, seasons, Fireworks,)
  • TerrificToys (History of toys, Toy Museum, materials, Teddy paintings)
  • Scotland, the Brave. (comparing Heathfield to Scotland, Katie Morag stories, Loch Ness monster mythology)
  • Beautiful Beasts and where to find them! (animal adaptation, using branching data bases, composing music to represent animals)
  • In the Garden (Mini beasts) (Classifying animals, textile mini beasts, adventure stories, explorers)
If you would like to find out more about what Year 1 and 2 are currently focusing on, you can download the topic map below:

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Year 2 Homework

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