Early Years Learning at Home

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Early Years Newsletter Friday 21st September

Dear Parents/Carers,

A busy week in Early Years! The weather has changed too so make sure that the children have a warm coat with them. We are delighted with the way that the children are settling and starting to really work together.

This week in phonics we have been looking at ‘t’ and ‘p’. There are some sheets in the Letters and Sounds books for the children to practise their letters. I know that some of them struggled with the size of the letters last week so you will find that we have included an A4 sheet with just the focus letter on it. The children can make rainbow letters with this and use a range of colours to keep practising the letter. If your child only wants to do this easier sheet then that is fine, at this stage helping them with the sound that the letter makes is more important and we have lots of time to practise writing on a small scale.

Thank you for all the lovely family pictures that the children had in their books last week. They were happy and confident to talk to us about their family members. This week in their homework books we would like them to walk around their houses and see what shapes they can spot. We will be learning the names of 2d shapes next week and this will be a useful lead in to that work. The children can draw anything at home that is a circle, a square, a rectangle or a triangle.

We are still collecting pictures of those who can pick up your child. If you know that we don’t have a picture of someone that you have named for picking up either make us aware and we can take a photo or if you have a recent photo that we could stick in the book.

If you have any questions or concerns then please come and talk to one of the Early Years team.

Many thanks

The Early Years Team