At Cross in Hand, we are lucky to be able to enjoy a diverse and varied curriculum. From September 2014 we have been teaching to the new primary curriculum which gives your child the opportunity to learn about a range of topics in new and exciting ways.

This page gives a brief insight into how each subject is taught at our school:

Early Years

Our school has a dedicated Early Years department with super resources and committed staff. We use the Early Years Profile, and children are carefully monitored and guided as they grow and develop socially and academically in a safe and inspiring environment.


We teach and encourage children to have a love of reading by using phonics teaching alongside the reading of 'real' books. We use a rich range of texts across a broad range of subjects to capture the imagination and inspire a thirst for knowledge. Much of our work is topic based to give it meaning and purpose. We also teach phonics, handwriting, grammar, punctuation and spelling as discreet subjects throughout the school. Our phonics scheme is based on 'Letters & Sounds' and our cursive Handwriting scheme is called 'Letter-join'.


We place high importance on children gaining a secure understanding of mathematical concepts throughout all stages of their development through the delivery of a mastery curriculum. With a published calculations policy, this ensures continuity and progression throughout the school. We use both visual aids, written methods and mental calculation techniques whilst placing great importance on problem solving and applying mathematical knowledge.


Children learn from doing and this is especially true in science. Our curriculum teaches practical and useful scientific knowledge in a practical and applied way to develop investigative skills while providing key knowledge and understanding.

Religious Education

Being a Church of England school, we value the importance of children not only learning about religion but also how this can impact on their own lives and the world around them. The children learn about a range of faiths, thinking about how these are similar and different to each other.


We use a range of software to ensure our children receive a broad range of opportunities in line with today’s fast moving technology. This includes working on laptops and iPads; coding; making games; animations; and programming robots.

The Arts

As recent achievers of the Gold Artsmark award, we are proud of our full participation in the arts. The arts (art and design technology) are taught discreetly as well as being part of the wider enrichment of a number of subjects.

Physical Education

We have two halls, a playing field, swimming pool and a large playground which help us to provide a broad range of PE and sports skills and activities. We have achieved much sporting success as a school and encourage competitive sport as well as supporting those who find sport more difficult.

The Humanities

History and Geography form a large part of our topic coverage which we use in creative and exciting ways to support children's learning as they progress through the school.

Personal, Social and Health Education

PSHE is taught across the school using a scheme called Jigsaw; The Mindful Approach to PSHE. It covers the following 'puzzles' or units of work: Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference, Dreams & Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me. Each lesson includes an opportunity to practice Mindfulness.