‘With faith in our future, we learn hand in hand.’

Cross in Hand is a very happy and welcoming school with a team of staff that put their heart and soul into nurturing and inspiring the children. We strive to provide the best learning experience possible for all of our children. We hope this website allows you to begin to experience the enjoyment of learning within our school and the team ethos that surrounds it. Whilst we are immensely proud of our school, we still continually look for ways to improve and take Cross in Hand forwards. As we work together as a community, we know there is no limit to what we can all achieve.

Daniel - A Hard Act to Swallow

Year 3 and 4 put on a fanastic Easter production with their performance of 'Daniel - A Hard Act to Swallow'. From acting and singing to the prop moving, the children all did brilliantly. Thank you also to all of the adults who helped to put on such a great show.

Big Dance 2019


Well done to all our netball team who represented the school in the HASP netball tournament. They all played brilliantly and represented the school fantastically.

Proud to be Cross in Hand

We are so proud of the Ofsted report that we have just received in which we have been graded as being 'Good' with the potential to soon be 'Outstanding'...

During our previous inspection, we were graded as a ‘Good’ school and, as our results have been good since then, we had a one day inspection last term. If the one day inspection finds that you are still good, Ofsted leave it at that. However, if they think that you have improved, and that the school might actually be ‘Outstanding’ now, they will come back within a year to carry out a deeper, two-day inspection where they look even more closely at the school. We are thoroughly pleased that the inspector has decided we have lots of outstanding qualities and, therefore, we will be having a two-day inspection at Cross in Hand within the next year. Fantastic!

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • The school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in specific areas. It has improved significantly overall.
  • Pupils thrive in an enriched learning community that stimulates their intellectual curiosity about the world, while strengthening their social and emotional development.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the quality of education and are unanimous in agreeing that their children feel safe at the school.
  • Governance is strong at the school. Governors and staff share the vison for a school in which all pupils can excel academically and socially.
  • Pupils are highly enthusiastic about learning and the benefits of the school.
  • Pupils’ conduct in class and around the school is exemplary. They demonstrate high levels of empathy and respect for each other and visitors.
  • Leaders have established highly effective approaches that enable and empower pupils to support each other both academically and emotionally.
  • Pupils at Cross in Hand Church of England Primary School develop resilience, confidence and socially appropriate behaviours that enable them to access learning with success.

Additionally, with the latest league tables now being published for result in Key Stage 2, we are extremely proud to be the 6th best performing school out of 188 schools in East Sussex.

Promotional Video

This promotional video shows you how great life is at our school. We offer great facilities, including our own school swimming pool, outdoor gym and wrap-around care from 7:15am to 6pm. We provide exciting learning opportunities and a range of outdoor experiences - including Forest School - in a caring, nurturing environment.