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February 13, 2017
Ms. Benore's class has a perfect book return this week!!!  You rock class!
Hey, hey Mrs. Boswell's class has perfect book return this week!
Guess what? Mrs. Truscott's third grade class has a perfect book return!  Hurray and happy dance!
ONE Silly dilly class!!!!


 Following is the library 2016-2017 schedule:
 Monday:  Thompson, Jex
 Tuesday:  Kerrigan Brunk, Rule, Benore
 Wednesday  Boswell, Dahl, Kellerman:    Thursday: Truscott, Martin, Johnston  
 Friday:   Parrish, Levitt, Franzel, Clink

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the media center please call me @ 810 679 1141 from 8:30-3:00.  Thank you and happy reading!         Mrs. Brewster

Accelerated Reader
         Spine Labels

Most of our books are labeled with colored spine tape that indicates the reading level that correlates with the Accelerated Reader program.  The list below will help you figure out what reading level your book is.

Yellow Tape:  1st Grade and below reading level   (0.1 -1.9)

Pink Tape: 2nd Grade reading level            (2.0 - 2.9)

Blue Tape: 3rd Grade reading level              (3.0 - 3.9)

Green Tape: 4th Grade and above reading level (4.0 - and up)






Book Care

Please help us keep the library books in good condition by using the following guidelines with your child:

 * The best place for your child’s library book when it is not being read is in his or her backpack.

  * Bookmarks should be used instead of folding pages or using items such as pencils or other books to save your place.

* Keep library books away from food and drink as well as pets and younger siblings.

Thank you for your help in keeping the library collection in great shape!

Returning Your Library Books
It is important that all students remember to return their library books.  When books are returned other students are given the opportunity to check them out and enjoy the story that book has to tell.  Please help your students to place their library books in their backpack each night after they read.  Books in the backpack return to school on their library day!


Book activities and reading!