Welcome, 10th graders!  This is a website which you will use EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout the trimester, so you should start by getting comfortable with navigating the site.  Here, you will find the course syllabus, daily class agendas, links to classroom assignments and homework, as well as other useful links for this class.

Course Information:
Course: English 10A
Teacher: Ms. Michelle Phillips
School: Cros-Lex High School
Location: room 115

TINY URL: tinyurl.com/PhillipsEnglish10A17-18T1

Course Objectives:
    Students in English 10A will participate in a variety of activities, read world literature of various genres, and complete projects and assignments that incorporate the higher level thinking skills needed for today's world of work.  Students will work both individually and collaboratively in groups to improve and practice grammar skills, reading fluency, and writing proficiency.

Course Topics:
        *Short Stories
        *Creative Writing
        *Expository Writing
        *Reflective Writing
        *MStep and SAT Prep. 

Contact Information:
Teacher: Ms. Michelle Phillips
Email for Student contact and work submission: mphillips@croslex.org
Email and phone for Parent contact: mphillips@croslex.org