2018-19 Creative Writing
Croswell-Lexington High School

We are in agreement that this class has been an adventure that pushed our personal boundaries and challenged many of us to confront our fears.  Together. we have discovered new worlds and self-confidence while exploring and celebrating our inner-authors. 

This website exhibits just a few choice creative fruits of our labor from first semester.  While these stories and poems may have been inspired by true events, they are creative interpretations and should be taken as such.  

*Phillipism is a term that we created to illustrate what it means to be truly invested in the creative journey of this classroom.  Phillipism includes circling up, sharing our writing, encouraging and offering constructive feedback, and, of course, trusting in our fearless leader, Ms. Phillips, to challenge our comfort zones and support our creative endeavors. It also involves pumpkin cheesecake candlelight and careful listening. 

Here is a chain poem that we wrote as a class:

Pictionary Party

If I had a party for you
What a rockin' time we'd have
The music of our souls
Don't need lyrics or words
It has meaning without being defined

If I looked up "friend" in the dictionary
There would be a picture of you