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Web Design

Confused by which site has the better webpage design? Or just want that free webpage site?  Want to make money on our webpage? Have a hobby, passion, or just something funny then check out the resources below perhaps it'll help you with your webpage design. 

Many of these sites also offer web hosting services.

Free webpage programs and sites:




Page Breeze

Your Own Free Web Site.com


Web hosting and Web design together?

Sometimes, this works out well, but say you signed up with google, as i did, for the past 2 year si have used google hosting needs.  A while back, i was looking to punch the site up with a little flair.  Within google there were no more options,  the backgrounds were the same as last year, no new layouts, no button features had been added, etc.  So, by chance I checked with my ISP which happens to be Verizon and found that it had a really nice website design and the added features really were a plus.  So i set about making a mirror site of the original one. But now started the problem once the site was transferred how do i not use the main site but my new one on verizon.  This is where Hosting comes into play.

Webpage Design

Finding the right site to design your webpage can be tough.  Sometimes you start at one place only to discover it is limited in options.  If you want cool buttons, layouts, backgrounds, options to control your color schemes, etc.  then find the right website is critical.  First, check out your ISP (internet service provider) and see if they offer free website design.  If not, check out the other sites listed to the left of this.  Many offer webpage designing for free.

There are many programs available for Website design and they can cost money. Here are a few.
Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc.
Check out You Tube.  You may say why?  But,  there are so many free tutorials which can give you advise in website design or using particular website design software.