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System Restore

Is you system running slow, do you have a lot of stuff on there that is just taking up space. Well even if you delete all that stuff your system still won't run like it did when you first brought it home. There's always some files that just don't go anywhere. So here are the steps to get your system back to the way it was when you first bought it. Please read everything first before you attempt anything. Have questions? You can always email me.

How to restore my system to like NEW condition?

If you want to restore your system to the way it was when you first brought it home then just pop in your restore disk. The computer will do the rest.

However, all you DELL owners might have a rougher time of it. Since most DELLS, I am not sure if all of them, systems are a multi-disk installation. A good place to look for this info is

Dell Support.

Steps:You will need a Windows Full Version that would be Windows 95 (Now this is only for verification purposes used for the installation of your MS Dos Start-up Disk. (note: some large size hard drives will have problems windows recognizing the larger drive, also the different types of partitions could give you problems FAT32, NTFS require different types of partition set up, plus MS-Dos will also require it’s own partition).

  1. Windows 98 and ME versions are just upgrades.
  2. When your system reboots it should boot a:\Type “format c:\
  3. Make sure your windows disk is in the CD-ROM driveWhen this is complete type in the location of your Cd-rom drive d:\, e:\, etc. (this is dependant on if you partitioned your hard drive into multiple partitions.)
  4. Once you have located your Cd-rom drive type “setup” and hit the "enter key".

This should start the setup of your particular windows version. 


When you don't have Restore Disks:

Most new systems will provide you with tools to create your own Restore Disks. Older systems or DELL systems will give you step by step instructions. 

***Please refer to your Manufacturers web site before attempting any of the following:


But, I just want a fresh copy of windows. (95,98,ME, XP)

· Insert your Windows CD into your CD ROM drive and reboot your system.

· This should bring you to a start-up screen which should ask you what you would like to do.

· Click on re-format and re-install windows, or re-install windows, or install a new copy of windows.

· These are just some of the options you could see. It really depends on your system.

Windows Vista:

Insert the Windows Vista DVD or CD.

      1. Follow the instructions
      2. Click Install now.
      3. Type your product key usually printed on your system, best to write it down first.
      4. Type of installation do you want? click Custom.
      5. Where do you want to install Windows? select partition "C" which is the normal drive for installation.
      6. Click Next to begin the installation.
      7. Usually everything comes up in a standard format, so just click "next".






To create an MS-Dos start-up disk, follow these steps:

Insert a floppy disk into the floppy drive.

Click Start, click My computer, File, Format options

Create an MS-Dos start-up disk

Click Start