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Dell Latitude CPX Laptop Repair


This page is being put together to address the issue of repairing your laptop.  Now since I don't know what kind of laptop you own I will be using a laptop my son had which needed extensive repair.  For the most part I expect yours will be quite similar.  There are sure to be similarities. 



This is what the laptop looked like prior to the repairs. As you can seeby the pics the keyboard is missing several keys and pointer button in center.   The screen is cracked which has led to the black splotching.  The palm rest is also damaged primarily by it's missing key.  
Now you may say well that's half the computer wouldn't it be cheaper to buy another one, well maybe if a major component was damaged. 
The replacement keyboard   $20.00.
The replacement screen        $20.00.
The replacement Palm Rest  $8.98.
Total cost of this repair  $48.98.
Most of the time you don't have to go through the manufacturer to get replacement parts.  I did check into replacing the keyboard it was 35.00 dollars without shipping.  So, the next time your needing a replacement part (new or used) check with EBAY or other online shops because sometimes you can obtain the part cheaper than directly through the manufacturer.
Now for the Repair
The following steps are for those of you who took the keyboard out and didn't put it back in right away. Sometimes we forget where things go. 


First item i received in was the keyboard.  Now i had to verify that this item worked so i installed the keyboard.  Here are detailed pics.

Now looking at the two cables it came with it might be hard to remember what came out of where.  The smaller cable (labeled above) is the one that is a little tricky only because of it's size and where it must go. 
First locate the white box looking thing there is a black piece attached to it.  To open the black clip push it back to the left. once you get it out as far as you can look into the side where the black piece is and you should see an opening. Place the keyboard on it's left side taking the small cable and sliding it into the slot.  This slot is located on the palm rest.  Push the slot (black piece) back into place once you have gotten the cable in. Don't force cable should just slide in.
Now, you can plug the larger cable into the motherboard connection.
Now, if you are replacing the palm rest as well as the keyboard as i am then you might want to wait until you have both to install them. 
This keyboard is unique i have seen others with only one (larger) connection cable.