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We focus on 5 CR topics: 

1. CRT (Christian Released Time). 2011-2012 will be, Lord willing, our 10th consecutive year for facilitating CRT.

2. CREATOR (promoting the doctrine of Creation and Creator Christ).

3. CROSS (promoting evangelism and preaching). 

4. Child Rescue (supporting Pro-Life efforts).

5. Challenging Racism (fostering unity within the human family).


Contact: Paul G. Humber, Director,, 215-483-9846


In the upper right, you can see Philadelphia public school students of the Levering School ready to walk two blocks to a local church building to participate in a CRT class. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Other pictures of CRT classes happening in or near Philadelphia may be seen by looking below or sending an email request to the Director.

Public school children may learn about Creator Christ by attending CRT (Christian Released Time) classes. There is a Pennsylvania Law that says that public school children may be released from school during regular school hours to receive religious instruction if they have parent permission. (Similar laws exist in some other states, and it is legal in every state.) The classes are off-campus (often in nearby church buildings). See the Christian Released Time video on YouTube prepared by Director Humber.
Children attending these classes learn of their Creator and about His Cross. The classes may be an hour in length and may occur for 36 weeks of the school year. Director Humber is the author of Evolution Exposed, which contains a chapter on establishing CRT in the Philadelphia area. (Click the picture to read about the book--to the left.) 

In recent years, about twenty schools in the Philadelphia area have been involved with CRT Teams. Paul helped each one get started, including the Levering School CRT effort (pictured above) and the Norristown CRT effort (pictured below). Not all of these schools have CRT efforts every year. 

Director Humber is also the author of many articles that are available online. Some are on display at the Creation Museum in California, run by the Institute for Creation Research. His book, Evolution Exposed has been advertised in WORLD magazine and has received positive reviews. (To see one, click Book Review.) He has also authored Jehovah Jesus, available for purchase at and is the Editor of Reasons to Reject Evolution, Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth, and Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood (2011). (To see them displayed in Indiana, click booklets on display). If you want a direct link to both of these booklets, click here:

With two degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and one from Westminster Theological Seminary, this educator formerly taught on the faculties of the University of Phoenix, the HaverfordSchool (24 years), RutgersUniversity (Camden), AbingtonHigh School, and the University of Pennsylvania (Department of Human Resources). To read more about Jehovah Jesus, click JehovahJesus. To see his YouTube video on "How to become a Christian," click on:

What about starting a CRT effort outside of Philadelphia?

Paul G. Humber is here interacting with CRT students in Norristown, PA, which is a city some distance from Philadelphia. The students were enjoying a last-class luncheon at a local restaurant in celebration of their time together during the school year. CR Ministries is quite willing to assist people outside of Philadelphia get started with CRT.

Child Rescue: Alpha Pregnancy Services in center city Philadelphia has been helping women and their unborn children for over 25 years. CR Ministries is in close cooperation with Alpha, which had been directed by Prudence M. Humber, Paul Humber's beloved wife. CR Ministries is most happy to refer interested persons to Alpha for assistance. For pictures of the Humber Family, click here.

CR also stands for Challenging Racism: One of the sad things about evolution is that it has fostered racism. Read the words of Charles Dawin to the right (click to enlarge). He is an idol of the "university elite" in America and the "founder" of evolution. The fact of the matter is that there is only one race--the human race. We all come from Father Noah--and before that, Father Adam. Superficial differences, such as eye, hair, and skin color do not separate us into races. There are many varieties of humans, to be sure, but we all have the same blood. In fact, a person of a different shade of skin-color may have a closer blood type to yours than a member of your immediate family! Persons who would like to read Paul's article, The Ascent of Racism, may click on Ascent of Racism.