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Noteworthy StatSoft Blog Entries

StatSoft offers a blog with many useful entries.  I have included links (below) to those that seemed noteworthy and useful for our types of applications.

Where possible I have avoided including blog entries that appeared to be thinly-disguised commercials ... that is, unless the blog entry mentioned new capabilities that might serve our needs.


September 2012

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April 2012

    • Instrumentation Laboratory, a global medical device manufacturer, faced challenges integrating and accessing data from various systems for quality control of its manufacturing process. The company selected StatSoft's STATISTICA Enterprise data analytics solution to address these issues because Enterprise enables its engineers and managers to collaborate across a common platform, file format, and terminology.

    • StatSoft’s ( STATISTICA Decisioning Platform® is the only enterprise predictive analytics and decision management software platform to combine predictive analytics, text mining, and rules. STATISTICA Decisioning Platform covers all aspects of mission-critical enterprise predictive analytics and decisioning solutions for banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and other organizations with the need to integrate predictive analytics into their business processes. Decision rules, integrated with predictive models and text mining, translate predictions into business decisions. James Taylor, leading expert in Decision Management and author of the recent book Decision Management Systems, profiled the STATISTICA Decisioning Management Platform in a recent blog post.

March 2012

    • Many analysis tools that are used for hypothesis testing in STATISTICA give a calculated test statistic and a p-value. (For more information about hypothesis testing, see the article, How to Interpret Statistical Analysis Results.) At times, it may be necessary in your hypothesis test to report the test’s critical value. This article describes how to find the critical value for a statistical test.

February 2012

    • You can import data from any external database into STATISTICA as long as you have the necessary OLEDB/ODBC providers on your machine.

January 2012


December 2011

November 2011

August 2011

  • Missing the First Step
    • Data exploration and preparation is most helpful as a first step. In our eagerness to validate our work with statistical analysis, this step can get temporarily overlooked. A good analysis will always come back to proper data preparation, the often missed first step.

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