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Websites Related to R

When I come across a site related to R that looks like it might be useful (at least for the people I work with), I add it to the list below.

There is no manageable way to keep an up-to-date list of EVERY resource related to R, particularly since the list grows and changes rapidly.  This page is intended to list those sites and resources that I've come across that look interesting (to me), or that I've used when training others, or that have come up in conversation with others.  Some of these links are lists of R resources that are created by others.


A nice list that is maintained by Harsh Singhal on Twitter can be found at

And yet another site with lists of R-related links:

Another blog list: "9 of the Best Free R Books" 

  • Ross is one of the original creators of the R statistical computing environment/language.  His site has many interesting links related to R.

A Google+ entry from m.devlin on A history of R, in snapshots: Links with extended quotes
  • The discussion of R with Bill Venables, following this post by Rich Gillin, prompted me to look at how and why R exists, what it's good for, and what its future might be. 

And before "R" there was "S"?

  • Includes references and links to many utilities for interacting with data on the internet, publishing to the internet, and standardization related to scientific reproducibility.

Other R-related websites

R Project Home Page                

R Nabble Help Forum Archive     

R Seek                                     


Cookbook for R

R Q&A at Stackoverflow             

Cerebral Mastication (blog)         

The R Journal                            

Various books related to R         

R Manuals on CRAN                  

CRAN at CMU                           

R Packages
(CRAN at CMU)      

R Task Views
(CRAN at CMU)    

CRAN Contributed Documents    


R Graph Gallery                         

R AniWiki                                 

R Task Views                            

R Wiki                                      

R Wiki list of R-related links       

Burns Statistics (see R info)       

The R Inferno (Burns)                 

Simple R (printable .pdf)  

Help for R (Univ. Penn)               

R Example Graph Library           

R Graphic Manual                     

Wiki Books (R Programming)     

SciViews for R                          

R Forge                                    

Using R for Statistical Analyses  


R in Finance                             


(RA) Revolution Analytics          

(RA) Inside-R                            

Tcl/Tk Examples (J. Wettenhall) 

Chicago R User Group               


R-statistics Blog                       

R Cookbook                             

Learning R                               

R bloggers (R blog aggregation) 

Cheat sheets for R                    




Red R                                     



Intro to R Stat Computing Env   

Data Visualization                    

Statistical Analysis with R        

R Tutorial Series blog               

R Tutorial - An R Introduction to Statistics (by Chi Yau)

Using R for biomedical stats     

Tutorials for R                          

ebook on R                              

Data Mining with R                   

R and Data Mining                   

R for data mining applications   

R info for SAS SPSS Stata       

Financial Risk Forecasting        

sqldf home page                      

R time series references           

How to meet the R Gurus         

R and S-Plus in Finance blog    

R for Matlab and Octave Users  

Matlab / R Reference                

College of the Redwoods Math  

Statistics With R                     

Structural Equation Modelling   

Visual Programming for R         

Learn & Do R data analysis      

R and Statistics (tutorials)        

blog "All Things R"                   

R for Work                              

R tips (              

Georgia R School (online)         

Johns Hopkins (online)             

R Data Sets                            

Practical Regression and Anova using R   

RSPLIDA (SPLIDA for R)          

One Page R                            
  • A compendium of modules weaving together a collection of tools for the data miner, data scientist, and decision scientist, based on R.

Jared Knowles' R-Bootcamp     

Dmitry Grapov Teaching Demos

Blog for R programming tips     

Statistics With Interactive R Learning (swirl)   

R Style Guide

Need data? Here's a tutorial on using the Rdatamarket package to import public datasets into R.

If you need a statistics primer on using R, free books on multivariate analysis, biomedical statistics, and time series are available for download.

DataCamp - R training resource

R hosted online (in the "cloud")

StatAce (R hosted online)

RStudio on AWS  

R Cloud Workbench

Online video tutorials  (requires subscription)

Barton Poulson
Use R to model statistical relationships using its graphs, calculations, tests, and other analysis tools.
5h 59m Intermediate

Barton Poulson
Introduces the R statistical processing language, including how to install R, read data from SPSS and spreadsheets, analyze data, and create charts and plots.
2h 25m Beginner



  • R Tutorial Website
  • University of Colorado Denver, Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
  • "This website contains resources to teach you how to install R along with R packages, create data and upload data into R, run basic analyses and produce simple plots. The focus is for a student in their first statistics course."
  • Contains video tutorials and printed materials.

Jeromy Anglim's Blog  (check this out!!)

Online Video Lecture

Code School
  • Learn the R programming language for data analysis and visualization. This software programming language is great for statistical computing and graphics.
  • Seems to offer a 'preview'.  Not sure if this means that eventually they'll want a paid subscription.
  • Courses include
LEVEL 1 - R Syntax
LEVEL 2 - Vectors
LEVEL 3 - Matrices
LEVEL 4 - Summary Statistics
LEVEL 5 - Factors
LEVEL 6 - Data Frames
LEVEL 7 - Working With Real-World Data

Sites listed by Revolution Analytics blog

Modern data visualization

One R Tip A Day
Code examples for graphics and analysis

R Bloggers
Daily news and tutorials about R, contributed by R bloggers worldwide.

R Project group on
Community and discussion forum

Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
Andrew Gelman's statistics blog

The Dataists
Innovative and practical data analysis methodology.

Google Groups
Google Code

R-related groups: 
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Groups
  • Nabble
  • Twitter

Potential course material: