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Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans (Squeglia)

 Author(s)  Nicholas L. Squeglia
 Title  Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans
 Edition  Fifth Edition
 Year  2008
 Publisher  ASQ Quality Press
 ISBN  978-0-87389-739-6

Another potentially useful and related reference is Mil online guide:

Table of Contents



Attribute Sampling Plans
Nonstatistical Sampling Plans
Relationship of c=0 Plans to ANSI Z1.4 (MIL-STD-105-E) Plans
Estimating Potential Savings
Why Constant Sample Sizes Are Not Used
Use of the c=0 Plan Table
Physically Taking the Sample
Comments on the AOQL
Background Information
Adjustments from MIL-STD-105-E / ANSI Z1.4
Sampling Plan "Switching"
Switching Guidelines
Operating Characteristic Curves and Values
Small Lot Supplement


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