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World Class Reliability (Bhote)

 Author(s)  Keki R. Bhote, Adi K. Bhote
 Title  World Class Reliability - Using Multiple Environment Overstress Tests to Make It Happen
 Year  2004
 Publisher  AMACOM
 ISBN  0-8144-0792-7
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Table of Contents


Part I The Challenge for Industry: Regaining Lost Profits

1. Corporate Paradise Lost and Regained
  • The Ten Gold Nuggets for a Dramatic Profit Increase
  • The Alphabet Economy
  • Business Management - The Bete Noire, the Culprit
  • The Ten Gold Nuggets to Make Profits Soar

2. A Breakthrough in Reliability-The Need, Objectives, and Benefits
  • Objectives, and Benefits
  • The Compelling Need for Reliability
  • Causes for Poor Reliability
  • The Reach-Out Objectives of True Reliability
  • The Overwhelming, Tangible Benefits of True Reliability
  • The Future Direction for Reliability
  • An Organizational Infrastructure for World-Class Reliability

Part II What Not to do: Current but Ineffective Reliability Methodologies

3. Reliability Mathematics-Complex and Ineffective
  • The Bathtub Curve Does Not Hold Water
  • The Convoluted Logic of Military Testing
  • The Futility of Reliability Mathematics
  • The Computer Approach to Reliability
  • Reliability Failure Distributions
  • Graphical Solutions Using Weibull Plots
  • Main Weaknesses of Mathematics Approaches to Reliability

4. Reliability Predictors-Cooking the Books with Reliability Cookbooks
  • A Plethora of Reliability Cookbooks
  • Reasons for Inaccuracies Among the Handbooks
  • A Company's Own Field History - A Better Predictor

5. Reliability Estimators-A Cloudy Crystal Ball

  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

6. Reliability Demonstration-Throwing Money at the Problem

  • An Evolution in Reliability Demonstration
  • Thermal Cycling: The Dawn of True Reliability Progress
  • Single Environment Sequential Tests: Another False Start

7. Highly Accelerated Life Tests-HALT and HASS

  • HALT Background
  • HALT Methodology
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)
  • Other Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Audit (HASA)

Part III The Climb to MEOST: The Mount Everest of Reliability

8. Base Camp 1-Design Reliability Infrastructure Design: The Bete Noir of a Company's Failures
  • Organization of the Design Function
  • Management Guidelines
  • Techniques to Capture the Voice of the Customer
  • Quality, Cost, and Cycle Time in Design
  • Creativity Stimulation: Releasing the Engineer's Bottled-Up, Creative Genie

9. Base Camp 2-Essential Prerequisites for MEOST
  • Derating: Oxygen for the Climb to MEOST
  • Temperature: The Enemy of Reliability
  • Modular Designs
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for Mistake Proofing: Poka-Yoke
  • Design for Minimum Variability (High Cpk)
  • Design for Robustness: High S/N Ratio
  • Design for Maintainability and Availability
  • Design for Resale (Residual) Value
  • Product Liability Analysis: Preventing Ambulance Chasing
  • Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA)
  • Field Escape Control
  • Mini-MEOST Sampling in Production
  • Dealer Feedback and Zero Time Failures
  • Field Failure Reliability

10. The Climb to the Mount Everest of Reliability - MEOST

  • The Salient Principles of MEOST
  • MEOST History, Applications, Successes
  • Types of Stresses: Combined vs. Isolated Stresses
  • Preamble and Preparations for MEOST
  • The Eight Stages of MEOST

11. The Amazing Versatility of MEOST - New Applications and Challenges

  • Applications and Challenges
  • The Economic Benefits of MEOST
  • The Many Uses of MEOST - Its Commandeering of Many Disciplines

Appendix: Laboratory Equipment / Chambers for MEOST



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