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World Class Quality (Bhote)

 Author(s)  Keki R. Bhote, Adi K. Bhote
 Title  World Class Quality - Using Design of Experiments to Make It Happen
 Edition  Second Edition
 Year  2000
 Publisher  AMACOM
 ISBN  978-0-8144-0427-0

Table of Contents

Part I:  Introduction
1. The Need for and Objectives and Benefits of Design of Experiments
2. Fads; Potions; Nostrums of the Quality Movement in the Last 50 Years
3. A Powerful Tool Kit for the 21st Century.

Part II:  Preamble to the Design of Experiments (DOE)
4. The Measurement of Process Capability
5. Variation: An Industrial Epidemic
6. The Three Approaches to DOE: Classical, Taguchi, and Shainin
7. A Synopsis of the 10 Powerful DOE Tools

Part III:  "Talking to the Parts" - A Set of Clue-Generating Tools
8.  The Multi-Vari Analysis: Homing In on the Red X
9. The Concentration Chart: Pinpointing Locations of Repetitive Problems
10. Components Search: Simple, Smooth Swapping
11. Paired Comparisons: An Elegant, Versatile Tool
12. Product / Process Search: Pinpointing Process Variables

Part IV:  Formal DOE to Characterize a Product / Process
13. Variables Search: The Mount Everest in the Search for the Red X
14. The Full Factorial: Purest Technique for Separating and Quantifying Each Interaction Effect
15. B versus C: An Excellent Validation Technique

Part V:  DOE Optimization
16. Scatter Plots to Achieve Realistic Specifications and Tolerances
17. Response Surface Methodology (RSM): To Optimize Interactions

Part VI:  The Transition from DOE to SPC: Vital Disciplines
18. Positrol: Freezing Process Gains
19. Process Certification: Eliminating Peripheral Causes of Poor Quality

Part VII:  Statistical Process Control: For Monitoring Quality
20. Control Charts: A Technique Whose Time Has Gone
21. Pre-Control: A Technique Whose Time Has Come

Part VIII: Linkage of DOE to Reliability
22. Multiple Environment Over Stress Tests: As Effective for Reliability as DOE is for Quality

Part IX:  A Logical Sequence in the Use of DOE Tools
23. Case Studies in Sequential DOE Tools to Solve Chronic Problems

Part X:  From Classroom Instruction to True Learning on the Job

24. Learning by Doing


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