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Wikis For Dummies (Woods)

 Author(s)  Dan Woods, Peter Thoeny
 Title  Wikis For Dummies
 Year  2007
 Publisher  For Dummies
 ISBN  978-0470043998
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Table of Contents



Part I: Introducing Wikis.

Chapter 1: Understanding Wikis: From Ward’s Brain to Your Browser.

Chapter 2: Contributing Content to a Wiki.

Chapter 3: The Thousand Problem-Solving Faces of Wikis.

Chapter 4: Using and Improving the 800-pound Gorilla of Wikis: Wikipedia.

Part II: Making Your Own Wiki.

Chapter 5: Finding a Hosted Home for Your Wiki.

Chapter 6: Creating Content for Your Wiki.

Chapter 7: Linking, Categorizing, and Tagging Wiki Pages.

Chapter 8: The Four Dimensions of Wiki Design.

Part III: Promoting, Managing, and Improving Your Wiki.

Chapter 9: Attracting Users to Your Wiki.

Chapter 10: Choosing an Installed Wiki Engine.

Chapter 11: Getting Your Wiki Engine Up and Running.

Chapter 12: Managing Wikis.

Chapter 13: Protecting Your Wiki.

Chapter 14: Creating Applications Using Structured Wikis.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15: Ten Essential Wiki Attitudes.

Chapter 16: Ten Roles People Play When Using Wikis.

Chapter 17: Ten Ways How Wikis Work at the Office.

Chapter 18: Ten Innovative Wikis.


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