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Using and Understanding Medical Statistics (Matthews)

 Author(s)  David E. Matthews, Vernon T. Farewell
 Title  Using and Understanding Medical Statistics
 Edition  3rd Edition (revised)
 Year  1996
 Publisher  S. Karger AG
 ISBN  3-8055-6276
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Table of Contents

1 Basic Concepts
2 Tests of Significance
3 Fisher’s Test for 2 X 2 Contingency Tables
4 Approximate Significance Tests for Contingency Tables
5 Some Warnings Concerning 2 X 2 Tables
6 Kaplan-Meier or ‘Actuarial’ Survival Curves
7 The Log-Rank or Mantel-Haenszel Test for the Comparison of Survival Curves
8 An Introduction to the Normal Distribution
9 Analyzing Normally Distributed Data
10 Linear Regression Models for Medical Data
11 Binary Logistic Regression
12 Regression Models for Count Data
13 Proportional Hazards Regression
14 The Analysis of Longitudinal Data
15 Analysis of Variance
16 Data Analysis
17 The Question of Sample Size
18 The Design of Clinical Trials
19 Further Comments Regarding Clinical Trials
20 Meta-Analysis
21 Epidemiological Applications
22 Diagnostic Tests
23 Agreement and Reliability

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