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Time Series Analysis with Applications in R (Cryer)

 Author(s)  Jonathan D. Cryer
 Kung-Sik Chan
 Title  Time Series Analysis with Applications in R
 Edition  Second
 Year  2008
 Publisher  Springer
 ISBN  978-0-387-75958-6
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Fundamental Concepts

Chapter 3: Trends

Chapter 4: Models For Stationary Time Series

Chapter 5: Models For Nonstationary Time Series

Chapter 6: Model Specification

Chapter 7: Parameter Estimation

Chapter 8: Model Diagnostics

Chapter 9: Forecasting

Chapter 10: Seasonal Models

Chapter 11: Time Series Regression Models

Chapter 12: Time Series Models Of Heteroscedasticity

Chapter 13: Introduction To Spectral Analysis

Chapter 14: Estimating The Spectrum

Chapter 15: Threshold Models

Chapter 16 Appendix: An Introduction to R

Dataset Information