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The Survey Research Handbook (Alreck)

 Author(s)  Pamela L. Alreck, Robert B. Settle
 Title  The Survey Research Handbook
 Edition  Second Edition
 Year  1995
 Publisher  Irwin/McGraw-Hill
 ISBN  0-256-10321-6
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Table of Contents

PART ONE: Planning and Designing the Survey

Chapter 1: Initiating a Survey

Chapter 2: Planning the Project

Chapter 3: Designing the Sample


PART TWO: Developing Survey Instruments

Chapter 4: Composing Questions

Chapter 5: Creating Item Scales

Chapter 6: Building Questionnaires


PART THREE: Collecting and Processing Data

Chapter 7: Self-Administered Surveys

Chapter 8: Collecting Interview Data

Chapter 9: Processing Data


PART FOUR: Interpreting and Reporting Results

Chapter 10: Describing Data Distributions

Chapter 11: Measuring item Interactions

Chapter 12: Reporting the Information



A: Conducting Focus Groups

B: Conducting Experiments

C: Presenting Survey Results




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