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Survival Analysis Using the Proportional Hazards Model (SAS)

 Author(s)  SAS Institute Inc.
 Title  Survival Analysis Using the Proportional Hazards Model
 Edition  Instructor-based training course notes
 Year  2005
 Publisher  SAS Institute Inc.
 ISBN  Book code 60443, course code SURV, prepared date 21Apr05
 SAS training - course and book site

"SURV" Course Contents

Exploratory Data Analysis
  • using ODS Statistical Graphics in the LIFETEST procedure to compute and plot survivor and hazard functions
  • computing statistics that test for differences in survivor functions
  • computing and plotting pointwise and simultaneous confidence intervals using ODS Statistical Graphics
  • computing and interpreting stratified tests
  • computing and interpreting multiple comparison tests
Cox Proportional Hazards Model
  • using the PHREG procedure to fit a Cox proportional hazards model
  • validating the assumptions of the Cox proportional hazards model
  • fitting Cox models for nonproportional hazards
Advanced Topics
  • fitting Cox proportional hazards models for repeated events
  • fitting Cox proportional hazards models for clustered observations

Table of Contents (for course manual)

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Survival Analysis
1.1 Survival Analysis Concepts
1.2 Exploratory Data Analysis Using Survival Curves
1.3 Chapter Summary

Chapter 2 - Proportional Hazards Model
2.1 Introduction to the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
2.2 Model Assessment
2.3 Models with Nonproportional Hazards
2.4 Subset Selection Methods
2.5 Chapter Summary

Chapter 3 - Advanced Topics
3.1 Repeated Events
3.2 Clustered Observations
3.3 Chapter Summary

Appendix A - Exercises and Solutions
A.1 Exercises
A.2 Solutions to Exercises

Appendix B - Additional Resources
B.1 Experimental Features
B.2 Macros
B.3 References

Appendix C - Index

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