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Statistical Control by Monitoring and Adjustment (Box)

 Author(s)  George E. P. Box, Alberto Luceno, Maria del Carmen Paniagua-Quinones
 Title  Statistical Control by Monitoring and Adjustment
 Edition  Second Edition
 Year  2009
 Publisher  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
 ISBN  978-0-470-14832-7
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction and Statistics Revision.

Chapter 2: Standard Control Charts: A First Approximation.

Chapter 3: What Can Go Wrong and What Can We Do About It?

Chapter 4: Introduction to Forecasting and Process Dynamics.

Chapter 5: Non-Stationary Time Series Models for Process Disturbances.

Chapter 6: Repeated Feedback Adjustment.

Chapter 7: Periodic Adjustment.

Chapter 8: Control of a Process with Inertia.

Chapter 9: Explicit Consideration of Monetary Cost.

Chapter 10: Cuscore Charts: Looking for Signals in Noise.

Chapter 11: Monitoring an Operating Feedback System.

Chapter 12: A Brief Review of Time Series Analysis.

Bibliography and Further Reading.

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