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SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement (Levinson)

 Author(s)  William A. Levinson, Frank Tumbelty
 Title  SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement - A Manufacturing Approach
 Year  1997
 Publisher  ASQ Quality Press
 ISBN  0-87389-372-7

Table of Contents


1.  Introduction
The Importance of Manufacturing
Manufacturing and Wealth: A Historical Lesson
The Importance of Quality
What Is Quality?
What Are Specifications?
Who Are Customers?
The Manufacturing Worker's Role in Quality
Self-Directed Work Teams
Customer Contact Teams
Quality Improvement Teams

2.  Tools for Improving Productivity and Quality
Total Productive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance
Improving Productivity: Synchronous Flow Manufacturing
Check Sheets
Pareto Charts
Histograms - Continued
Process Flowcharts
Critical Processes
Cost of Quality
Cause-and-Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams
Case Study: Wafer Breakage
Team-Oriented Problem Solving: Eight Disciplines
"Is / Is Not" Analysis
ISO 9000
Documentation and Control
Product Identification and Traceability
Process Control
Inspection, Testing, Calibration, and Control
Control of Nonconforming Product
Storage, Packaging, Handling, and Delivery
Other Provisions
Major Problem Areas

3.  Statistical Process Control
Variation and Accuracy
Process Capability and Tight Specifications
Quantity Versus (?) Quality
Overadjustment or Tampering
Random Variation and Assignable Causes
The Normal Distribution
The Normality Assumption
Feedback Process Control
Requirements for Successful SPC
Standard Deviation
Control Charts
Taking the Sample
Plotting the Data on a Chart
Interpreting the Chart
Special Patterns

4.  Attribute Control Charts
Traditional Attribute Control Charts
np and p Charts
c and u Charts
Points Below the Lower Control Limit
Normal Approximation (Assumption)
Multiple Attribute Control Charts
Technical Appendix: Multiple Attribute Charts
Hypergeometric Distribution
Binomial Distribution
Poisson (Defect or Random Arrival) Situation
Normal Approximation: Binomial and Poisson Distributions

5.  Other Topics
Gage Capability
Elements of Gage Variation
Inspection Capability
Improvements in Inspection
Designing and Building in Quality
Nested Sources of Variation
Multivariate Systems
Technical Appendix: Variance Components
Variance Components for Batch Processes
Gage Studies
Gage Capability and Process Capability
Gage Capability and Outgoing Quality

6.  Process Characterization and Advanced Techniques
The Normal Distribution
Cumulative Normal Distribution
Tests for Normality
Chi Square Test for Goodness of Fit
The Normal Probability Plot
Central Limit Theorem
Setting up a Control Chart
Theoretical Control Charts
Empirical Control Charts
Empirical Chart for Individuals (X Charts)
Process Capability Indices
Uncertainty in Capability Indices
Special Control Charts
z Charts
Center Band Charts (Acceptance Control Charts)
CUSUM and EWMA (Awareness)
False Alarm Risks and Power of Shewhart Control Charts


A.  Percentiles of the Standard Normal Distribution
B.  Percentiles of the Chi Square Distribution
C.  Percentiles of the Student's t Distribution
D.  F Distribution Tables
E.  Control Chart Formulas and Control Chart Factors
F.  Statistical Functions for Spreadsheets and Random Number Generation for In-House Testing
G.  Confidence Limits for Capability Indices CPL and CPU
H.  Useful World Wide Web Resources



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