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SAGE Interaction Effects in Logistic Regression (Jaccard)

 Author(s)  James Jaccard
 Title  Interaction Effects in Logistic Regression
 Year  2001
 Publisher  Sage Publications, Inc.
 ISBN  0-7619-2207-5

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Introduction


1. Introduction
  • Probabilities and Odds
  • The Logistic Regression Model
  • Categorical Predictors and Dummy Variables
  • Predicted Values in Logistic Regression
  • Interpretation of Coefficients
  • Probabilities, Odds, and Log Odds Revisited
  • Transformations of the Predictor Variables
  • Definition of Interaction
  • Hierarchically Well-Formulated Models
  • Product Term Analysis Versus Separate Logistic Regressions

2. Interactions Between Qualitative Predictors
  • Two-Way Interactions
  • Three-Way Interactions

3. Interactions Between Qualitative and Quantitative/Continuous Predictors
  • Two-Way Interactions With a Qualitative Moderator Variable
  • Two-Way Interactions With a Quantitative Moderator Variable
  • Three-Way Interactions

4. Interactions Between Quantitative/Continuous Predictors
  • Two-Way Interactions
  • Three-Way Interactions

5. Multicategory Models
  • Ordinal Regression Models
  • Multicategory Nominal Variables

6. Additional Considerations
  • Methods of Presenting Interaction Effects
  • Calculating Confidence Intervals
  • Calculating Coefficients of Focal Independent Variables at Different Moderator Values
  • The Bilinear Nature of Interactions for Continuous/Quantitative Variables
  • Partialling the Component Terms
  • Multiple Interaction Effects
  • Multicollinearity
  • Model Selection and Trimming
  • Transformations
  • Confounded Interactions
  • Computer Software



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