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SAGE Cluster Analysis

 Author(s)  Mark S. Aldenderfer
 Roger K. Blashfield
 Title  Cluster Analysis
 SAGE University Paper
 Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences  Volume 44
 Edition  1st
 Year  1984
 Publisher  SAGE Publications, Inc.
 ISBN  978-0-8039-2376-8

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
  • How Clustering Methods Are Used
  • Data Sets to Be Used as Examples
  • A Few Cautions about Cluster Analysis

2.  Similarity Measures
  • Terminology
  • The Concept of Similarity
  • The Choice of Variables
  • Similarity Measures
  • Suggested Reading

3.  A Review of Clustering Methods
  • On the Nature of Clusters
  • Hierarchical Agglomerative Methods
  • Iterative Partitioning Methods
  • Factor Analysis Variants
  • Other Methods
  • Determining the Number of Clusters
  • Comparing Clustering Methods
  • Suggested Reading

4.  Validation Techniques
  • Cophenetic Correlation
  • Significance Tests on Variables Used to Create Clusters
  • Replication
  • Significance Tests on External Variables
  • Monte Carlo Procedures

5.  Cluster Analysis Software and the Literature on Clustering
  • Collections of Subroutines and Algorithms
  • Statistical Packages Containing Clustering Software
  • Cluster Analysis Packages
  • Simple Cluster Analysis Programs
  • The Literature on Cluster Analysis
  • Guide to Reporting Cluster Analysis Studies

Appendix:  Example Data Sets (Burial Data)