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Process Quality Control (Ott)

 Author(s)  Ellis R. Ott; Edward G. Schilling; Dean V. Neubauer
 Title  Process Quality Control - Troubleshooting and Interpretation of Data
 Edition  4th
 Year  2005
 Publisher  ASQ Quality Press
 ISBN  0-87389-655-6

This book comes with an accompanying CD.


Table of Contents

Part 1 Basics of Interpretation of Data

Chapter 1. Variables Data: An Introduction

Chapter 2. Ideas from Time Sequences of Observations

Chapter 3. Ideas from Outliers--Variables Data

Chapter 4. Variability--Estimating and Comparing

Chapter 5. Attributes or Go No-Go Data

Part 2 Statistical Process Control

Chapter 6. Sampling and Narrow-Limit Gauging

Chapter 7. Principles and Applications of Control Charts

Chapter 8. Process Capability, Performance and Improvement

Part 3 Troubleshooting and Process Improvement

Chapter 9. Some Basic Ideas and Methods of Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Chapter 10. Some Concepts of Statistical Design of Experiments

Chapter 11. Troubleshooting with Attributes Data

Chapter 12. Special Strategies in Troubleshooting

Chapter 13. Comparing Two Process Averages

Chapter 14. Troubleshooting with Variables Data

Chapter 15. More Than Two Levels of an Independent Variable

Chapter 16. Assessing Measurements as a Process


Chapter 17. What’s on the CD

Chapter 18. Epilogue

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