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Multivariate Statistical Methods: Practical Research Applications (SAS)

 Author(s)  SAS Institute Inc.

 Multivariate Statistical Methods: Practical Research Applications

 Edition  (Instructor-based training course notes)
 Year  2004
 Publisher  SAS Institute Inc.
 ISBN  Book code 60337, course code ANUL8, prepared date 08Nov04

Table of Contents

Overview and Examples of Multivariate Methods
  • introduction and examples of multivariate statistics
  • review of univariate statistics
  • introduction to multivariate linear models
  • ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS 9.2
Analysis of Groups: Multivariate Analysis of Variance
  • factorial MANOVA
  • contrasts
More Multivariate Linear Models
  • multivariate multiple regression
  • canonical correlation
Classification Into Groups: Discriminant Analysis
  • canonical discriminant analysis
  • linear discriminant analysis
  • quadratic discriminant analysis
  • discriminant analysis and empirical validation
Variable Reduction and Extraction of Meaningful Factors
  • principal components analysis
  • exploratory factor analysis
  • Cronbach's coefficient alpha for scale reliability
Analysis of Structure Using the CALIS Procedure
  • introduction to structural equation models
  • confirmatory factor analysis
  • regression path models
  • structural equation models with latent variables
  • structural models with repeated measurements
Additional Data Topics
  • evaluating assumptions for multivariate analysis

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