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Introduction to Statistical Quality Control (Montgomery)

 Author(s)  Douglas Montgomery
 Title  Introduction to Statistical Quality Control
 Edition  Fifth Edition
 Year  2005
 Publisher  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
 ISBN  0-471-65631-3
 Link to the 7th edition

Table of Contents (5th edition)

  • Chapter 1: Quality Improvement in the Modern Business Environment.
  • (Note - editions after the 5th edition have a chapter on DMAIC)

Part I: Statistical Methods Useful in Quality Control and Improvement.

  • Chapter 2: Modeling Process Quality.
  • Chapter 3: Inferences about Process Quality.

Part II: Basic Methods of Statistical Process Control and Capability Analysis.

  • Chapter 4: Methods and Philosophy of Statistical Process Control.
  • Chapter 5: Control Charts for Variables.
  • Chapter 6: Control Charts for Attributes.
  • Chapter 7: Process and Measurement System Capability Analysis.

Part III: Other Statistical Process-Monitoring and Control Techniques.

  • Chapter 8: Cumulative Sum and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts.
  • Chapter 9: Other Univariate Statistical Process Monitoring and Control Techniques.
  • Chapter 10: Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control.
  • Chapter 11: Engineering Process Control and SPC.

Part IV: Process Design and Improvement with Designed Experiments.

  • Chapter 12: Factorial and Fractional Experiments for Process Design and Improvements.
  • Chapter 13: Process Optimization with Designed Experiments.

Part V: Acceptance Sampling.

  • Chapter 14: Lot-by-Lot Acceptance Sampling for Attributes.
  • Chapter 15: Other Acceptance Sampling Techniques.


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