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Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare (Carey)

 Author(s)  Raymond G. Carey, Robert C. Lloyd
 Title  Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare
 A Guide to Statistical Process Control Applications
 Edition  1st
 Year  2001
 Publisher  ASQ Quality Press
 ISBN  0-527-76293-8

Table of Contents

List of Figures
List of Tables

Chapter 1 - Planning Your Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Journey
  • What is Quality?
  • Who Is Interested in Quality?
  • A Quality Improvement Road Map

Chapter 2 - Preparing to Collect Data
  • Identifying an Opportunity for Improvement
  • Prioritizing Opportunities
  • Organizing a Team
  • Clarifying the Process with Flowcharts
  • Standardizing the Process
  • Identifying Key Quality Characteristics (KQC)
  • Developing Operational Definitions

Chapter 3 - Data Collection
  • Data versus Information
  • Components of a Data Collection Plan
  • A Template for Data Collection

Chapter 4 - Understanding Variation
  • Depicting Variation
  • Common versus Special Causes of Variation
  • Consequences of Not Understanding Variation

Chapter 5 - Using Run and Control Charts to Analyze Process Variation
  • Constructing Run Charts
  • Using Run Charts
  • Using a Run Chart to Help Improve the Preadmission Testing Process
  • Why Use Control Charts?
  • The Elements of a Control Chart
  • Basic Control Chart Theory
  • Type I and Type II Errors
  • Dividing a Control Chart into Zones
  • Deciding Which Control Chart to Use

Chapter 6 - Control Chart Case Studies
  • Applying Statistical Thinking to Healthcare Processes
  • Case Studies
    • Analyzing the Net Operating Margin
    • CBC Laboratory Turnaround Time
    • Tracking the Success of Physical Therapy
    • Days to Mail a Patient Invoice
    • Admission Time into an Intensive Care Unit
    • Emergency Room Bed Transfer Time
    • Platelet Counts
    • Primary Caesarian Sections
    • Ranking Hospitals on Patient Satisfaction
    • Patient Falls
    • Use of Restraints with Psychiatric Patients
    • Medication Errors

Chapter 7 - Developing Improvement Strategies
  • The Type of Variation Determines Your Strategy
  • Right and Wrong Strategies
  • Changing a Common-Cause System
  • Tools to Identify KPVs
  • Continued Monitoring
  • How Much Improvement is Enough?

Chapter 8 - Using Patient Surveys for CQI
  • A Self-Test on Survey Research
  • Function of Patient Surveys in CQI
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Why is Reliability Important?
  • How Much Reliability is Enough?
  • Sampling
  • Interviewer and Nonresponse Bias
  • Report Format
  • Benchmark Data
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Interventions
  • Summary

Appendix - Formulas for Calculating Control Limits
  • The X-bar - R Chart
  • The XmR Chart
  • The p-Chart
  • The c-Chart
  • The u-Chart