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Linear Control System Analysis and Design (Houpis)

 Author(s)  John J. D'Azzo, Constantine H. Houpis
 Title  Linear Control System Analysis and Design - Conventional and Modern
 Year  1981
 Publisher  McGraw-Hill, Inc.
 ISBN  0-07-016183-6

Table of Contents


writing systems equations
solution of differential equations
laplace transform
system representation
control-system characteristics
root locus
frequency response
closed-loop tracking performance based on the frequency response
root-locus compensation - design
frequency-response compensation - design
control-ratio modelling
design - closed-loop pole-zero assignment (state-variable feedback)
parameter sensitivity and state space trajectories
digital control systems
entire eigenstructure assignment for multivariable systems
design of tracking systems using output feedback
quantitative feedback theory (QFT) technique


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