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Data Analysis and Graphics Using R (Maindonald)

 Author(s)  John Maindonald, John Braun
 Title  Data Analysis and Graphics Using R - an Example-based Approach
 Year  2003
 Publisher  Cambridge University Press
 ISBN  0-521-81336-0

Table of Contents


1. A brief introduction to R
2. Styles of data analysis
3. Statistical models
4. An introduction to formal inference
5. Regression with a single predictor
6. Multiple linear regression
7. Exploiting the linear model framework
8. Generalized linear models and survival analysis
9. Time series models
10. Multi-level models and repeated measures
11. Tree-based classification and regression
12. Multivariate data exploration and discrimination
13. Regression on principal component or discriminant scores
14. The R system - additional topics

Epilogue - models
Index of R symbols and functions
Index of terms
Index of names

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